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Turnaround feature in ADF7030

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Product Number: ADF7030_1


After setting up the ADF7030 and getting it to send and receive packets properly, we wanted to enable "turnaround mode" with which we are supposed to be able to automatically transition from PHY_RX state to PHY_TX and viceversa if configured. However, we are unable to do this, our systems hang after the first transition when in RX state.

We did it by setting TURNAROUND_RX and TURNAROUND_TX bits to 1 and then continue the execution normally, since this didn't work we tried to do it manually setting some flags to check whether we had transmitted or not, then, after that failing as well, we tried checking the IRQ registers for EOF signals so we could transition by hand, but we still got nothing.

Is there something we are missing? We tried disabling CRC and checked that both ends would transmit the data correctly and receive it as well.

Thank you.

Fixed by setting LEN_SEL to 00, in design suite this is possible by setting the packet length configuration to 0 in packet settings.
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