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ADF7023 question about the AGC function

I am now using ADF7023, when I set the AGC operation mode in "0" for ACG  free running mode, the AGC gain mode is the 6 with all-low mode.

It looks like when setting the AGC operation in mode 0, the AGC is not work; But when setting the AGC operation in mode 1, I can manually set the gains. 

  • Greetings,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    How do you monitor the value of this mode? 

    Have you tried looking at the value of register 0x360?

    If the AGC_LOCK_MODE = 1, the value 0x35D[4:0] should be equal to the value of 0x360[4:0]. However, when AGC_LOCK_MODE = 0, the value of 0x360[4:0], which is also the GAIN_CORRECTION, can change depending on your RSSI. The gain correction also depends on the values of  AGC_HIGH_THRESHOLD and AGC_LOW_THRESHOLD.