ADF 7241 receive issues

Hi All.

I have a setup with two ADF7241 transceivers. I have configured one to continuously transmit 4 bytes using the packet mode. I have measured that we have a signal at 2.4Gz.

Now I have another unit receiving in packet mode. It has been setup to signal an interrupt when SDF is received and when the full package is received.

However I only get a response on the SDF, but never receives anything. I have disabled auto_fcs and frame filtering.

I have tested that I am in receiving mode (and I do get the SDF interrupt... if I do not turn on the transmitter, I do not get the SDF interrupt).

I have the following setup (after reset):

EXT_CTL = 0x18


PKT_CFG = 0x5

IRQ1_EN0 = 0

IRQ1_EN1 = 8

IRQ2_EN0 = 0

IRQ2_EN1 = 2

IRQ_SRC0 = 0

IRQ_SRC1 = 0

Are there any obvious details I have overlooked.. or are there any documents that tells me how to setup a simple packet mode test.

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  • Updates.

    Reading through the manual it seems the SDF interrupt happens no matter if the receiver is set for Packet or SPORT receive, while the RX_PACKET interrupt only happens in Packet mode.

    However I have read the register 0x13E (RC_CFG) and it is 0 (packet mode). 

    I should be in packet mode.

    Help would be appreciated Slight smile