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ADF7021 Tx/Rx SPI details


I am currently working on a university project and I need to interface an STM32 microcontroller via SPI with ADF7021 RF-transceiver. I am reading a datasheet for ADF
and I have trouble understanding some details regarding Tx/Rx and SPI.

1) When does ADF transmitter start clocking in the data (after I initialise what register)? When does ADF start transmitting (after I initialise what register)?

2) When do I stop ADF transmitter (after latency bits)?

It is said that I need to wait a number of latency bits before disabling ADF transmitter. How would STM32 know when these latency bits have passed?

3) When does ADF receiver start clocking out the data?

Does ADF receiver clock out the preamble and sync word? In the datasheet it is said that AGC, AFC and CDR need to settle during preamble. Does that mean that ADF receiver starts clocking out the data in the middle of preamble (for example beginning with 3rd bit)? How would STM32 process and later access this data, if it has an 8-bit SPI data register?

4) When does ADF receiver stop clocking out the data?

What happens after the transmission ends and ADF receives a packet of data? Does ADF still provide the clock on CLKOUT?

Thank you! I hope it's not too confusing.

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