ADF7030-1 External hardware control


I'd like to control external PA, LNA and antenna switch from GPIOs of ADF7030-1, but I cannot find descriptions in GIPO sections in UG1002 software reference manual.  Would you tell me the following detail about them?

* Available GPIOs for these purpose.

*For PA, LNA control: 

  Signal logic (output value in TX/RX, Timing)

  Control method (Are they automatically set due to TX/RX state?)

*Antenna switch control (2bits required):

   How to configure GPIOs and their output values?

   Control method (Are they automatically set due to TX/RX state or manually set?)

Thank you.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 7, 2018 4:16 AM

    Hi alexan99,

    For external PA, LNA or antenna switch control, there are 6 available gpio pins you use: GPIO0, GPIO1, ... GPIO5. The functions to configure, set or clear the gpio pins are available in the device drivers and are provided below:

    • adf7030_1__GPIO_SetCfg (ADI_ADF7030_1_INFO *pDevInfo, ADI_ADF7030_1_GPIO_PIN eGPIO, ADI_ADF7030_1_GPIO_CFG eCFG, bool bDirect)
    • adf7030_1__GPIO_SetPin (ADI_ADF7030_1_INFO *pDevInfo, ADI_ADF7030_1_BUSIO_PIN ePin)
    • adf7030_1__GPIO_ClrPin (ADI_ADF7030_1_INFO *pDevInfo, ADI_ADF7030_1_BUSIO_PIN ePin)

    The gpio pins are set and cleared manually.