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Some issues clarification of ADF7030-1

Hi Sir, 

I am looking for some reference regarding the coding gain when FEC is enabled.

1. Is it 802.15.4g FSK mode FEC? (CC rate ½ K=4), Can it also use OQPSK FEC mode? (CC rate ½ K=7)


2. Is ADF7030-1 receive based on Viterbi decoding? If so, what is the window length, hence the latency for FEC-encoded Rx?


3. Since ADF7030-1 supports GMSK and 4FSK, I assume the RF should be bale to support BPSK. Isn’t that achievable by updating the Cortex M0 firmware?


4. ADuCM03x 256kB Flash / 64kB RAM is a good fit for our application, despite its relatively slow 26MHz clock. Could it support 2x SPI interfaces + 2 UART? If so, do you have a FreeRTOS port with tickles sleep mode readily available, or some reference code?