Register information for ADF7030-1

I wonder if I can get the ADF7030-1 Software reference manual with the detailed register information.
I download the UG-1002 as the ADF7030-1 software reference manual, however the register information seems not complete.
For example, TEST MODE CONFIGURATION 0 REGISTER on page 74, the bits [15:0] are generated by design center. 
But in the sample code I find the following statement
adf7030_1__SPI_SetField(pSPIDevInfo, 0x20000548UL, 12, 1, 1);
Does it mean we set the bit 12 to 1? 
From the manual, bit 12 value should be generated by design center, so why do we manully set it to 1?
The above question is just one of my questions about the   ADF7030-1 registers and I have many similar questions about that.
It will be great to have the complete register information and if possible p lease let me know where I can get them
Thanks in advance.