ADF7242 Sportmode IEEE802.15.4-2006


we are working with two EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ boards.

One device should be configured in IEEE802.15.4-2006 sport mode TX and one in IEEE802.15.4.2006 sport mode RX.

The RX-board is working and verified, though we cant get the TX board working.

We tried to setup the TX as described in figure 9 of the data sheet:

-) Invoke the adf7242 device in RC_TX state, data clocked in on falling edge of clock.

   (Also tried, data clocked in on rising edge of clock -> no difference)

-) Set up a test-frame to transmit:

x"00",x"00",x"00",x"00",                               -- Preamble
x"A7",                                                 -- SFD
x"10",                                                 -- PHY header
x"01",x"A8",                                           -- Frame control field
x"99",x"AA",x"AA",x"BB",x"BB",x"DD",x"DD",x"EE",x"EE", -- Addressing fields
x"C0",x"FF",x"EE",                                     -- Payload
x"90",x"A9"                                            -- FCS

-) Do the symbol to chip mapping:

-) Put the data synchronized with TRCLK_CKO_GP3(faling edge f clock) , out on DT_GP1:

    Start of the transmission:


    setup-time: The data changes on on the rising edge of the TRCLK_CKO_GP3 clock -> t33 is 250ns.

    hold-time:   The hold time t34 is set to 100ns.

Unfortunately, we cant get any data output on the RX adf7242 device.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: There is some inconsistent in the data sheet, regarding the sportmode-RX configuration,you might want to fix: