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We are using ADF7020-1 Eval Kit which comes with this pc tool for configuring the transceiver. According to the ADlismLINK_v2_Programming_manual.pdf 2.1.2
'It is intended that application developers can do one of two things:
1. Write their own embedded application program. This is essential if the unit is required to operate independently from a host PC, as would typically be the case for a remote sensor. A full copy of the Keil C development environment for 8051 will be required.
2. Write a PC application (possibly based on ADF70xxHost.exe) that controls the protocol software remotely via RPC. However, this is a more complex undertaking due to the nature of Windows programming. An example where this might be appropriate would be to implement an application-specific PC ‘base-station’ application. A full copy of Microsoft’s Visual C++ or Visual Basic will be required.'

For #2 where can the source for this pc tool be obtained?