ADF7030-1 Max packet size


I am using the ADF7030-1 EZ-Kit. My application requires that the packet size be part of the generic packet. When I limit the maximum packet size to 128 bytes things work well.

I am now trying to increase  the packet size to 256 bytes. From the SW reference manual (UG-1002) this is configured via the RX_SIZE and TX_SIZE fields in the GENERIC_PKT_BUFF_CFG1 register.

In the ADF7030-1 design suite I see that these field are set to 128.  I did not see any way to change these within the ADF7030-1 design suite.

I tried modifying them within my SW but every attempt to actually use a packet size greater than 128 results in packets not being received.

I checked the PTR_TX_BASE and PTR_RX_BASE and they are at the values generated by the ADF7030-1 Design Suite pointing to 0x20000AF0 and 0x20000C18 respectively. Even at a packet size of 256 bytes the TX and RX packet buffers should not overlap.

Is there something I am missing when setting the maximum packet size?


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