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ADF7030-1 Max packet size


I am using the ADF7030-1 EZ-Kit. My application requires that the packet size be part of the generic packet. When I limit the maximum packet size to 128 bytes things work well.

I am now trying to increase  the packet size to 256 bytes. From the SW reference manual (UG-1002) this is configured via the RX_SIZE and TX_SIZE fields in the GENERIC_PKT_BUFF_CFG1 register.

In the ADF7030-1 design suite I see that these field are set to 128.  I did not see any way to change these within the ADF7030-1 design suite.

I tried modifying them within my SW but every attempt to actually use a packet size greater than 128 results in packets not being received.

I checked the PTR_TX_BASE and PTR_RX_BASE and they are at the values generated by the ADF7030-1 Design Suite pointing to 0x20000AF0 and 0x20000C18 respectively. Even at a packet size of 256 bytes the TX and RX packet buffers should not overlap.

Is there something I am missing when setting the maximum packet size?


  • Solved.

    After some further debugging it seems that the larger packet size swamped a serial port interface which caused delays resulting in the radio interface to loosing packets. the Initial debug just showed lost packets and it happened when the packet size was increased. 

    It wasn't until we added addition debug capabilities that we saw the delay and further investigation lead us to the serial interface.

    I would still like to know if there is a why to set the TX_SIZE and RX_SIZE via the ADF7030-1 Design suite. 

  • Hi Jott,

    The ADF7030-1 Design suite was developed for evaluation purposes only and consequently, it has limitations which include the issue you're encountering.

    For this issue, please contact your local FAE.