Best transciever pick for SDR approach Tx/Rx communication on C6748 DSP

Good Afternoon everyone,

I'm going to be working soon with C6748  DSP (from Texas Instrument), however, eventually I would like to transmit data wirelessly and I want the closest-to-SDR transciever pick since it is for academic purposes. I want to insert by myself the preamble of the frame with the length that i want, as the sync word, etc. I want students to see what happens if there a bad preamble and no Bit Sync is achieved, what happens if, lets say, sync word is all zeros. As you see, it is highly configurable, and most of transcievers are very configurable but are fixed in some aspects.

I'm kind of new at this, then I would like to know any suggestions about this, If there is any AnalogDevices transciever that could help me.

I was checking ADF7021 and ADF7030-1 which seem really flexible and are quiet close to what I want but not enough. I want to know which which options are the best for this. I want to have all control over frame structure plus carrier sensing capability for layer 2 designing. 

Another option is to independently buy modulator/demodulators, ADC, DAC, etc, and implement this on my own but it would requiere lot of time on testing, connecting, caring about circuitry for votages regulations/compensations and looking for most compatible technologies; which is really time consuming. I want to be somewhere between SDR flexibility and SoC facility. What can I pick? 

I need a modem that basically limits itself to only transmit what I write in baseband.

I'm taking advices, suggestions, warnings and well wishes.

Thank you so much for your time in advance. 

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