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ADF7241 SPI RC_READY bit getting stuck at 0

Hello all,

I am working on a driver for the ADF7241/ADF7242 radio and during my testing I'm finding the RC_READY bit from the SPI status word is sometimes getting stuck at 0. The register dump when this occurs looks like this:

0x630: b80f92c80f971c0f955b16161f000505 02000000000000000000000000000000
0x100: 0000080000c4000134c0c000317aaa18 7a0b2e310000aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa0f1a
0x120: 534700bb770fbf8f2f563bb3dbb1babf 0b0500ca8922b7f90000610a0d080003
0x300: 20b903053206014000060100c3004e20 00000000800000000000000800b80703
0x320: 83bb0000000242720000000000000000 000000000017020f031f0f0c0f3c4000
0x340: 00000421098000101609002100013f00 961c1800000821130000000000000100
0x360: 00000000000000000000001b013f6f09 0720020ff001001a0400f10000000000
0x380: 384b1b1f00000100000504ff25141000 00000000840008000260801d00000002
0x3a0: 001d2409100000074d00f10909010000 00103000906d2e2318132d1579020002
0x3c0: 22222200050000001a0200c86a00ff00 10821b1a020302000100000000000000
0x3e0: f2080000a30100000000000000000400 20005a05a70000000000008d6b0208b4

The driver is set up to write RC_RESET (0xC8) to the SPI when this occurs, but I find that this causes more problems. The RC_READY bit gets stuck regularly under normal usage of the radio and I would like to figure out what is happening if possible. What could I do to debug this issue?


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  • Hi Aldrich,

    Unfortunately the issue was never resolved, however, I have been able to work around it by resetting the radio whenever the RC_READY bit gets stuck. With this fix the resets occur every 10-15 minutes or so, but allow normal operation to resume shortly after. This fix seems to be good enough for our customer but any insight into why the problem is occurring in the first place would be appreciated



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