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ADF7021 SWD Signal Problem


I have a problem how to handle received data in ADF7021 correctly.

I use 2 pair of EVAL-ADF7021DBJZ and EVAL-ADF70XXMBZ2 boards, ADF7021 Evaluation software, and STM32 microcontroller to receive the data.

Data Mode is set to SPI Mode and STM32 is configured as SPI slave device.

I want to use SWD signal to synchronize received data to microcontroller but at default state the SWD signal is incorrect.

I use logic analyzer to analyze the signal. Here's the pic:

(Ch0-3=SPI bus transmitter device, Ch4-6=SPI bus receiver device, Ch7= SWD Signal receiver device)

In that pic, in default state, it seems like an error signal. The signal must be in low or high state at default depends on SWD mode.

For receiver device, here's the configuration:

Please help, maybe there's a mistake in registers configuration or something.



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  • Hi Indra,

    Apologies for the delayed response. I do not have a setup I could use as of the moment due to work-from-home setup. I'll try to help you as much as I could. 

    Can you give me more details of the requirements of you setup?



  • Hi Aldrich,

    Sorry If I don't understand your question. For now, I try communication between 2 ADF7021 Tranceivers with distance about 20cm for prototyping. Next, it will be used for TDMA Radio Application.

    I use SWD signal for receiving data purpose but there's a signal error like in the picture above. I also have tried using 2FSK modulation and there is no error signal. Is there any additional configuration to use SWD signal correctly for 4FSK modulation?