ADF7030-1 daughter boards layouts

Hi Community,

There are two layouts of ADF7030-1 daughter boards in "ADF7030-1_Design_Package":

1. ADF703x40Sxxx and

2. ADF703x40S169.

Table 4 in ReadMe.pdf file lists that

1. EV-ADF70301-915AZ

2. EV-ADF70301-868BZ

3. EV-ADF70301-460BZ

4. EV-ADF70301-433AZ

these four models are all from ADF703x40Sxxx PCB layout.

Does this mean the ADF703x40Sxxx PCB layout is good for the above four models end products?

1. Have above four models same parts?

2. If four models have same parts, then different radio frequency bands are according to SOFTWARE settings and programming. Is this true?

Please advise a BEST and ECONOMY way to produce the above four radio frequency bands in just one layout such as ADF703x40Sxxx PCB layout.