Lag in ADF7xxxMB4z GUI tool - how to resolve?

Hello EZ,

While demonstrating the ADF7xxxMB4z Evaluation Suite GUI tool with two EVAL-ADF7024DB4z systems, there was an 8-10 second lag in response time. What could cause this and how do we resolve?


- On my customer's desktop system, we installed and updated the ADF7xxxMB4z Evaluation Suite GUI tool (v3.3.0).

- We updated the firmware in the ADF7xxxMB4z and EVAL-ADF7024DB4z boards. We have two eval systems so we can transmit with Board 1 and receive with Board 2.

- With the boards set to both operate at 433MHz, we put one board into transmit and one board into receive.

- On my customer's desktop, there is an 8-10 second lag from pressing transmit on Board 1 until a signal is received on Board 2. Initially, we had the boards plug into a USB hub, so we moved the USB cables and plugged both ADF7xxxMB4z and EVAL-ADF7024DB4z boards directly into his computer tower, rather than the USB hub. No improvement on performance.

- We tried to reproduce on my laptop, but my laptop had an immediate response when hitting transmit and seeing a signal at the receiver. And when I hit stop, it stopped transmitting immediately. We cycled back and forth with the transmit, stop, transmit, stop, ... - and it works fine on my computer:

- For clarity sake, my system was also updated to ADF7xxxMB4z Evaluation Suite GUI tool (v3.3.0). Therefore, I believe the customer and I have the same software running on both systems.

- We plugged the hardware back into my customer's computer and saw the same 8-10 second lag with his system. 

Can you please help troubleshoot this issue? It will be challenging for him to develop on the ADF7024 under these conditions.