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ADF7242 Driver Failing to Verify Firmware


I contacted support but was told to post here. 

I am using your EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ device and connecting it to my linux development board and having issues.

I followed the steps located here:

I am running linux kernel 4.7 and when I run the driver, the firmware load does not verify correctly.  I can read and write SPI registers in the MCR for the ADF7242 successfully so that seems to work.
I have tried the r5 and r6 firmware versions with no difference.
If I comment out the verify_firmware function, I can bring the entire interface online, assign an address to it, and ping, with ifconfig verifying that pings have gone out, however I do not see any RF energy leaving the device. 

What can we do to help debug this issue?  Is there anything we are missing?