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How to install AD9361 driver on yocto (bitbake)


I have some problem installing AD9361 driver on yocto OS.

I successfully build all components too run yocto ,on zed board,

To do that i used bitbake, next in order to support the ad9361 device i added the adi-fmcomms2.dtsi

on meta-zedboard/conf/machine/boards/zeboard/zedboard.dtsi.

As a result i should have something like in this tutorial (not the case),

I suppose that i need to create recipe for that, to put the source code of the driver...

If somebody already did that, can you explain please the steps to do?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi,

    You would need to compile the Linux kernel from our own tree: analogdevicesinc/linux · GitHub

    The ad9361 driver won't compile with a mainline kernel as some of our work on the IIO framework isn't upstream yet.

    I'm pretty sure that OpenEmbedded / Yocto allows you to specify a custom git repository for the kernel (although I personally didn't test that).



  • Hi, thx for your prompt response, and sorry for my late,I was working on another project.

    If you are familiar with bitbake, can you give a few more details...,

    I create a layer "meta-fmc" where I specify to use a kernel from your source, but I have a problem:

         "ERROR: Multiple. BB files are due to be built which each provides virtual/kernel      (/home/user/yocto2/meta-forms/recipes-kernel/Linux/Linux-yocto-custom. BB /home/user/yocto2/meta-      Xilinx/recipes-kernel/Linux/linux-xlnx_3.

         This usually means one provides something the other doesn't and should."

    should I erase "meta-Xilinx"?

  • Hi,

    I am facing a similar problem. Could you share the layer you created? I am already struggling with specyfing the AD kernel as source...

    Thank you!



  • Creating a layer is not so difficult,

    yocto-bsp create fmc arm , (this command will create a meta-fmc)

    you chose  a custom kernel not the default one, and bitbake will ask you for a remote git repo,

    git:// in our case, you chose the branch and others parameters ...

    at the end you add this layer on conf/bblayers.conf,

    and you add the line PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto-custom" on clonf/local.conf

    otherwise bitbake will build the linux-xlnx kernel.

  • Hi,

    still struggling :-) I managed to create the layer but after downloading the kernel sources the job do_validate_branches fails because git complains about the commit ID.

    What does your file look like?



  • Hi, I didn't change too much...

    inherit kernel

    require recipes-kernel/linux/

    KBRANCH = "2014_R2"

    SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=git;bareclone=1;branch=${KBRANCH}"

    SRC_URI += "file://defconfig"

    SRC_URI += "file://fmc.scc \

                file://fmc.cfg \

                file://fmc-user-config.cfg \

                file://fmc-user-patches.scc \


    LINUX_VERSION ?= "3.17"



    PR = "r0"

    PV = "${LINUX_VERSION}+git${SRCPV}"

    COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_fmc = "fmc"

  • Hi - I little late to the party, but:

    will the ad9361.c now compile with a mainline kernel?
    I'm on the Xilinx Yocto 2021.1 branch, and I see the ad9467.c as part of the mainline kernel's collection of iio/adc/ drivers; but not ad9361.c

    Should I be able to just add the src appropriately to the BBs/src folders?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide

    - Paulito

  • Please don't post to an old closed thread. Please create a new one.

    The ad9361 is not mainline. You need to use our Linux kernel from here: