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how to install ADF5355 linux driver on Raspberry pi3 ?

Hi all,

I'm not seeing  ADF5355 driver in Raspberry pi kernel ( ). I tried versions up to 4.16. 

Under Synthesizers DDS/PLL category, I can see only ADF4350/ADF4350 as shown below : 

Also, ADF5355 IIO Wideband Synthesizer Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki]  suggests to set the following options.

 --- Industrial I/O support               -*-   Enable ring buffer support within IIO               -*-     Industrial I/O lock free software ring               -*-   Enable triggered sampling support

but what I get is as follows : There's no option for "Enable ring buffer support" & "Industrial I/O lock free software ring"

I saw this post : Stuck setting up ADF5355  and it says ADF5355 is working with Raspberry Pi3, but the post does not tell the steps taken to install the driver.  I don't know much about kernel/driver installation & I don't know where to put .dts files, where to put source files (.h .c) etc. when adding new drivers. 

Please bare with me, my linux kernel/driver installation knowledge is very limited. 

It would be great if someone could guide me to control ADF5355 with RPi 3 using iio device driver. 


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