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Breakout carrier: How to use second microUSB interface to control a serial device


(Picozed SDR 2x2 + breakout carrier)

I need to control one RF-modem that supports AT commands (see picture below), whose only interface is a serial port, using my PicoZed SDR 2x2.

Is there any way to use the second microUSB interface (highlighted in red in the picture below) using some cable adapters to control the RF-modem? If not, how else can I do this?

I don't really know where to start. I would appreciate if anybody can point me in the right direction.


  • Second USB port - is connected to the Zynq USB on OTG controller.

    In your case you would connect some USB to Serial RS232 adaptor cable.

    (therefore using the zynq USB in host mode)

    Simply under kernel config goto:

    Device Drivers > USB support > USB Serial Converter support

    [*]   USB Generic Serial Driver

     <*>   USB CP210x family of UART Bridge Controllers

     <*>   USB FTDI Single Port Serial Driver

    Enable the driver in question - most devices use the above checked.

    Rebuild your kernel - once you plug in your USB cable.

    A device node such as /dev/ttyUSB0 is created which you can use to control your modem.

    Just like on any other Linux desktop.


  • Thank you , you saved me quite a few hours. Now it's working flawlessly.

    (The driver I needed to enable was other though: "Prolific PL-2303")


    A small tip for anyone who reads this post looking for help. You can find which driver you need to enable in the kernel if you just connect your USB device to, for example, a Windows machine. You can find the name of the autoinstalled driver under "Device and Printers".