Unwanted output signal when Linux boots up

Hello everyone,

(PicoZed SDR + breakout carrier + kernel v4.6.0)

Every time I boot up the platform, when kernel is loading and until I execute my program, some signal appears at the TX output:

Why? How to solve it? I suspect it could be the oscilloscope application auto-starting up, maybe? (PicoZed doesnt allow to connect a monitor nor I cant see any oscilloscope related process using htop), if so.. where's the script that autoexecutes it?

And also: when I want to finish my custom program with CTRL+C, I've got a handler that destroys the iio_context, iio_buffers, etc. but when they are destroyed, the radio starts transmitting some undesired signal. I solved this configuring the TX attenuation ("out_voltage0_hardwaregain") to its maximum before exiting the program, but it does not look like the right way to do it. Any suggestion?


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