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How to validate MIPI data transmitted by ADV7281-M?


We are  using Analog Devices chip ADV7281-M(Camera input SD video decoder) that accepts CVBS analog
video input data (captured from a camera),  decodes it & outputs in MIPI-CSI  format. This MIPI CSI data is fed into the SOC which is
processed &  then later sent for display.We are using the Linux Driver software from the downloaded from analog Devices Git Hub

I am creating a  test framework to verify  whether  Analog Video input data is decoded properly  & also whether  the decoded data is transmitted over MIPP-CSI. The chip provides certain registers using which I can verify the decoding status. However excepting the MIPI powerdown registers no other status registers exist to know MIPI  data transmit status so I need your help on how to create the test framework
for testing the MIPI data .Do you have any test apps that I could use to test the MIPI data?

As of now, one possible  way of verifying MIPI that flashed to my
mind, is to write a test application that uses v4l2 capture framework i.e the
test application shall capture the frame & will be write to some
file. Later this file shall be converted into some known format(?)
& verified. I
feel that this method is  not user friendly so  Please recommend if
any other means exist  for validating MIPI data

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