FMCOMMS2 and ZC702 Starting Questions

Hi there,

I apologize if these questions come off as misguided, but I am trying to get my bearings straightened out as a brand new user of this hardware. We recently purchased a few FMCOMMS2 boards and two ZC702 to attempt radiation testing on AD9361. Each of the FMCOMMS2 came with an SD card with a boot partition for the corresponding evaluation board. After copying the ZC702-AD9261 files to the correct partition, the Linux OS booted just fine. I was able to open OII Oscilloscope, but couldn't find the FMCOMMS2 Main ( or Advanced plugins that I was hoping to use as tabs at the top. Do I have to install a separate driver to use these? What is the process for getting the hardware up and running as quickly as possible?

Thanks for any help!