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AD7606B IMX93

Category: Software
Product Number: AD7606B


I need to interface an AD7606B to a Linux system based on NXP iMX93 in order to achieve a sampling frequency of 50kSps for each of the 8 channels. I read that you interpose an FPGA between the linux system and the ADCs in order to achieve higher speed (i tryed the AD7606B directly connected to the iMX93 but i had a non-costant sampling rate).

Right now a cannot add an FPGA to my board but i have a high speed extern microcontroller. Can I interpose this between the two devices? I know how to sample the ADC with the microcontroller, but in case i would like to use the SPI engine driver (, what do i need to insert in the firmware to achieve this?

Thank you in advance


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  • Hi Michael,

    thank you for the answer! I have read that you usually use the SPI engine Linux driver to interact with the AXI HDL IP core. My question was if it is possible to sobstitute the FPGA with an extern microcontroller, implementing the behaviour of the IP core in the microcontroller firmware; Do you think it is possible? Which functions do i need to implement in the firmware to achieve this?

    Than you in advance


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