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Issues with libiio Using Different URIs

Category: Software
Product Number: libiio
Software Version: libiio v0.14 plutosdr RevB

libiio v0.14

device : plutosdr RevB

My program is about transmitting and receiving simple OFDM data. When using 'local:', normal transmission and reception can be achieved.
When using iio_create_context_from_uri in libiio to obtain the device context, I use 'local:' and 'ip:' (this local IP address). Both of these specify the address of the device within Pluto internally. However, there is a slight difference in the waveform observed; when using the IP address, the waveform seems to be sparser, which also results in not receiving the correct content when sending via IP.

The issue is:

I want to use a host computer to transmit and receive data through Pluto using the libiio driver. There is a problem of sparse waveform when using URI. During troubleshooting, it was found that even when running locally on Pluto using an IP-based URI, the issue occurs, while it does not occur when using 'local:'. What could be the reason behind this?

using local:

using ip:

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