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FMCOMMS5 + ZC702, Linux Drivers, IIO-OSC Calibration crashes

Category: Software
Software Version: Win 10


I am using FMCOMMS5 + ZC702 with Linux Drivers and I am streaming data via Ethernet to IIO-OSC and Matlab on a Windows 10 PC. I am using the newest version of IIO-Osc and Linux on the ZC702, also all tools and everything was updated just a few days ago. I have these problems/questions:

1.) I do exactly as you describe it here: , with SMA connectors between each TX and RX-port (I also tried it with a 4 port splitter and a Pluto-SDR and with an antenna array too) but still in 80% of the case IIO-OSC simply crashes during the calibration. Is there a remedy for this?

2.) I would like to do the calibration and MCS in Matlab using the Transceiver-Toolbox, what are the IIO-commands I need to accomplish this? In IIO-Osc it is possible to set the phase shift for each RX-Channel (I guess the phase shift is then done on the board itself?), I also need the command for this please.

3.) Sometimes the received samples in IIO-Osc of a few channels are simply some random constant value, see here:

But I never have this problem with Matlab.


Thank you very much!

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