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Analog Devices hdl repo and meta-adi repo Mismatch

Category: Software
Product Number: Analog Devices hdl
Software Version: Analog devices hdl

Hello everyone,

Until a few days ago, I was able to compile the HDL report for Vivado 2023.1. But when I try it now, I get a warning that I need to compile with 2023.2. The link to the git repo I tried is below. 

Likewise, when I download the master from the meta-adi repo, it is said that it should be compiled in petalinux 2023.1? What exactly should I do? Should Vivado 2023.2 be petalinux 2023.1?                                                       --> Analog devices hdl repo              -- > meta-adi repo

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  • Hi,

    That variable is not part of the meta-adi and is to be used in the hdl project. You can just try Vivado 2023.2 and build hdl and see how it works. meta-adi will also move to 2023.2 but it seems AMD site is with some issues because I can't download petalinux 2023.2. Hopefully that will be fixed and I can have it supported in the next few days.

    - Nuno Sá