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ADRV9002: MCS setting on the IIO oscilloscope

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9002
Software Version: 2021_R2

I am testing MCS with EVAL-ADRV9002 and ZCU102.
UG-1828 has the following description and I figured that even with one ADRV9002 I would need to use MCS to phase match RX1 and RX2.

"MCS is needed when an application requires deterministic latency among datapaths within one ADRV9001 device or multiple ADRV9001 devices."

I have created a json file with MCS enabled.

I loaded the json file on IIO oscilloscope, MCS is now enabled, but the local oscillator of RX cannot be changed from 2400MHz.

(Local frequency could be changed when MCS is disabled.)

I am trying to run MCS using the following procedure, is there a mistake in the procedure?
1. load Json file with MCS enabled in IIO Oscilloscope.
2. Change the local frequency in IIO Oscilloscope.
3. control the MCS pin.

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