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ADRV9002: Analog LPF setting

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9002
Software Version: 2021_R2


I am testing with ADRV9002 and ZedBoard with transmit and receive looped back.

I tested with transmit local frequency as 1500.5 MHz and receive local frequency as 500 MHz.

I could see the aliasing of harmonics on the IIO oscilloscope.

Next, I changed the analog low-pass filter setting in TES from first order to second order, but there was no difference in the waveform.

I expected characteristics similar to Figures 138 and 139 in the ug-1828.
First Order with 27dB attenuation at 10^9Hz, and Second order with 60dB attenuation at 10^9Hz.

Do I need to make any other changes to the JSON file to enable the analog low pass filter?