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Petalinux tools can't find iio.h during build

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9361
Software Version: Petalinux 2021.2

I have recently begun trying to write software to utilize the Analog Devices AD9361 transceiver in my petalinux application.

I have been able to successfully follow the instructions at to add in the meta-adi-core and meta-adi-xilinx user layers in the ncurses menu to bring the IIO kernel driver support for the AD9361 chip into the build.

After building and packaging, I then run the following commands: 

petalinux-build –sdk
petalinux-package –sysroot

which creates the sysroot at myProject/images/linux/sdk/sysroots/cortexa72-cortexa53-xilinx-linux

In this sysroot, the file iio.h has been added at usr/include, and the files (and symbolic links), and have been added at usr/lib.

At this point, I then write some code in my petalinux application to use the libiio to configure the AD9361 chip.  This code contains the line:

#include <iio.h>

I can successfully build this petalinux application using Vitis, because I specified this sysroot (myProject/images/linux/sdk/sysroots/cortexa72-cortexa53-xilinx-linux) when I created the platform project in Vitis.

Now, I am attempting to build the petalinux application using the petalinux tools, i.e. when I execute petalinux-build.

When I do this, the petalinux-build tool does not utilize the above sysroot.  Instead, the petalinux tools adds the following flag to the compile command:


At this location, the usr/include directory does not contain the iio.h file and the usr/lib directory does not contain the file.

Because these files are missing in this sysroot, petalinux-build fails when compiling the application code where it attempts to #include the iio.h file because it can’t find the file.

What do I need to do to make the petalinux tools generate the sysroot at this /build/tmp/… location to contain the iio stuff that the meta-adi user layers added?  Do I need to specify it somehow in the file?