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adrv9009 libiio exmple on petalinux 2021.1

Category: Software
Product Number: adrv9009
Software Version: 2021.1

Hello, I'm building petalinux 2021.1 for standard ADRV9009-ZU11EG target using  meta-adi-core and meta-adi-xilinx as they are provided by ADI.

I'm able to boot and setup concretely my ADRV9009-ZU11EG target using my custom PL design ...

I'm now trying to configure and control the ADRV9009 device (which is correctly exposed a IIO device on the virtual file system ) using libiio and the examples provided with it.

Unfortunately, probably due to somethings I'm doing wrongly, gcc do not recognizes libiio as a library (-llibiio) when I compile the ADRV9009 example of libiio 0.24. /usr/lib/ exists and I see the iiod daemon running...

Is libiio build by default when i select the minimal image of petalinux using the ADI layer ?

Is there anything I need to do to succeed with "/libiio/examples# gcc -o test adrv9009-iiostream.c -I ../ -llibiio" ?

Thanks in advance