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ADRV9364-z7020 Linux Device Tree

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9364-z7020
Software Version: image_2023-04-02-ADI-Kuiper-full

I would like to request guidance on setting up a permanent device tree entry for my custom IP, now that I'm pretty close to done with this project. I've just got a small Axi register space (64x32bit registers) and I want to protect it from the OS, because I believe that is necessary for reliable operation. Maybe I'm mistaken?

Right now I have the IP mapped in Vivado to 0x7c430000, which is close to the DMA IP in the reference design (0x7c420000). Do I really need to do anything since the DMA space in the device tree is so large? IIRC it's like 0x6000 in the DT that comes with the image. Vivado, for her part, has the space locked at 0x1000, so I assume I'm safe operating in this space the way things are?

Am I asking for another driver (maybe even for the DMA) stomping on my interface at some point? What's the right way to apportion a safe place for these few registers? I am aware of how to compile a device tree, just not how to make an entry to fit the nature of this IP.

Thanks again,