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RX spectrum analysis using iio oscilloscope in custom board (Zynq ultrascale+MPSoC , AD9371)

Category: Software


We are having custom board with Zynq ultrascale+Mpsoc and two chips of AD9371. Ours is a linux based design. When I Run IIO oscilloscope in my pc and connect to my custom board, I am able to detect AD9371 chips,other iio devices. 

Now I wanted to use Rx path spectrum plot available in IIO oscilloscope. To test this feature, I have added ADI UTIL CPACK and ADI AXI DMA to 2nd AD9371 chip Rx path and connected to zynq ultrascale+MPSoC. Updated device tree as shown below (added entries for dma) and added dma attributes for rx tpl core

When card is booted up and connected through IIO oscilloscope, no rx i,q channels seen in the plot window and even in the list of IIO devices, this particular RX TPL core is not listed.

With removing dma attributes in tpl core and building the image, Rx tpl core would be listed under iio devices.

Please guide me to debug this issue.