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adi iio oscilloscope

Category: Software
Product Number: ADIS16465-1BMLZ
Software Version: libiio version : 0.24-accb7b5

"I want to connect the ADIS16465-1BMLZ module to the Raspberry Pi 4 using the EVAL-ADISIMU1-RPIZ board. To do this, I installed the Kuiper Linux operating system on the Raspberry Pi and ran the ADI IIO Oscilloscope software. Initially, nothing is displayed. By adding the following lines to the config.txt file as shown below, the data is displayed on  DMM:



However, nothing is displayed in the plot section. What should I do?"

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  • Hi ,

    I suppose you have a typo there and you actually wrote dtparam=drdy_gpio25 in config.txt.

    Please give this a try (by also adding the device compatible string in config.txt) and let us know…