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NVMe SSD through PCIe Adapter on ZCU102 to get 250MSps from ADRV9009, disk not detected in Kuiper Linux

Category: Software
Product Number: ZCU102-ADRV9009
Software Version: Latest? 2023 - Kuiper Linux

I am trying to setup a system to record Rx IQ samples from an ADRV9009 at 250 MSPS (or 187MSps, but I haven't looked at changing sample rates yet), for a continuous capture over several minutes.
The ADRV9009 is connected to a ZCU102 via FMC.

I am expecting that an IIO Streaming application to transfer buffers onto an NVMe SSD would allow this goal to be achieved.
However, when plugging an M.2 NVMe SSD, with a PCIe adapter, into the ZCU102, the drive isn't being detected by the filesystem.

The boot log on the system, observed through UART, does show that a PCIe link is UP or DOWN depending on if the SSD is plugged in or not, so I figure that no HDL modification would be required?

What steps should I take to get the SSD working, as a fast storage device for the ADRV9009 data?