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Support for AD7124-4 sync function/pin in Linux driver

Category: Software
Product Number: AD7124-4BRUZ-RL7
Software Version: Linux 5.15.19

We have a board that contains 10 AD7124-4 devices connected via a common SPI bus (with individual chip select signals) to Zynq FPGA where the Linux operating system (5.15.19) is running. We want to use the sync function/pin (described in the last paragraph at the to sample the input values of all devices at the same time and then read the measured values from each device separately. For reading the sampled values we want to use the available Linux driver ( From the code, it seems that reading of the sampled value from the ADC device (ad7124_read_raw()) always performs new sampling and thus the ADCs are desynchronized. Does this driver support the sync function? How can this reading be performed, and how to write the devices into Linux DTS?