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ADI DMA example 64 bit

Category: Software
Product Number: advr9364

Hi I have the advr9364-7020 board and wanted to use the ADI_DMA_TT example. Ive read on another post

written by travis that this uses a different design then the standard one. How do i use the different design in matlab.

Currently under the hdl workflow advisor matlab shows an input of 16 bit inputs however the design is 64 bit input. there is no

interface thats 64 bit i think because matlab hdl uses the stander 16 and not 64 bit. how can i change that for matlab to provide me 

 a 64 bit option

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  • I'm sorry for the confusion. I was told years ago that ADRV9364 was supported but I guess there is nothing official. I've reached out to MathWorks to confirm this aspect.

    For Transceiver Toolbox we don't provide targeting examples for every board that is supported which around 17 variants right now, and most efforts focus on larger FPGA systems. Transceiver Toolbox also only supports pure HDL targeting through the MathWorks workflow (no Embedded Coder support), also called IP Core Generation.

    The HWA process for pure HDL targeting is outlined here: FPGA Targeting Workflow - MATLAB & Simulink (

    Toolbox support is only available through EngineerZone as well.