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Building the ADI kernel - manual cross-compiling for CN-0554

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-CN0554-RPIZ
Software Version: Unbutu 32-bit 2018

Hi sir,

We are trying to build ADI kernel with manual cross-compiling for the CN0554 board. But in the processing of that, we can not use this command "

ARCH=arm make adi_bcm2711_defconfig" in Unbutu 32-bit 2018 by the error such as "make: **No rule to make target 'adi_bcm2711_defconfig'. Stop" while we can run "
git clone". Besides, we have established SSH connect between Host and Raspberry/Analog follow your guidelines and initial setup is to get an SD-card image. But in overlays of OS after embedded SD-card we can not find-out the file.dtbo support for CN-0554.
That are two problems what we are facing. Hope you can help us to solve these problems.

Thank you so much!

Best regards,
Cong Minh Dang aka Harley
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