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How to use meta-adi with a board not in the list of supported boards

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The meta-adi Yocto layers at meta-adi-xilinx and meta-adi-core advertise that they will provide a highly customized Analog Devices kernel for use with PetaLinux.

I have two different boards that are *not* listed in the table of supported Projects/Devicetrees in the at meta-adi-xilinx.  However we have our own Vivado 2021.2 HDL design based on the Analog Devices spi-engine and dmac framework for both ADCs and DACs.

I am having trouble understanding why meta-adi only supports a small list of known device trees.  I also don't understand the section "Adding a new Devicetree" in

  • Why would I need to delete *any* device tree nodes to use meta-adi? I'm going to want to use them!
  • Perhaps I don't understand the purpose of meta-adi.  Isn't it providing the kernel patches to support the enhanced IIO subsystem to support various Analog Devices device drivers with the HDL spi-engine framework for performance?
  • Why would kernel enhancements be specific to a set of known device trees?

Can anyone clarify this?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    Feb 14, 2023 in reply to ddickerhoof +1 verified
    I'm just not understanding why there would be any "redefinition" of device tree nodes.  The Xilinx device tree generator should generate nodes for all the IP during petalinux…
  • Interestingly, yesterday I removed the meta-adi-xilinx/recipes-bps/device-tree/device-tree.bbappend recipe. We have to append to the autogenerated device tree for our project anyway, so…