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ad9371 linux

Category: Software
Software Version: adi R2019R1

Good afternoon, I just recently came across the study of Linux and the 9371+ zc706 transceiver, I managed to assemble the drivers along with the kernel and it turns out to configure and manage through the ad9371 driver using commands and bash scripts. I have a module with a program that runs on the ARM core in the adi2019r1 distribution, but I don’t understand how to let my program work directly with ad9371 so that my program receives the signal level values ​​in transmission and sets the one that is needed. I found the mykonos API that has such functions, but I do not quite understand how to use it, can someone share an example of such interaction?

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  • Thanks for the quick answer, from what I understand, the transceiver is controlled through userspace (sysfs and iio), but my program works as a kernel module and these mechanisms are not entirely correct to use at this level, I don’t understand how it is possible to access from my Linux kernel module parameters and settings, except for reading the file /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device2/ and writing to it, I'm sorry, I've been working with Linux not so long ago

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