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Petalinux/Analog Devices Road Map

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Hi All

I am currently using the Petalinux workflow from Xilinx for generating Linux Images.

The most recent version of the Petalinux tools and kernel I can see is 2022.2  as of this post.

The current official release of the Analog Devices kernel is 2021.1 with a branch for 2021.2.

It seems like both branches are being actively worked on, although the release branch hasn't been updated from what I can see.

I just wanted to gauge if there is some kind of roadmap planned for updating the Analog Devices kernel to the latest one from Xilinx? 

Or is 2021.2 the next planned release?

Kind Regards


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  • Hi,

    Or is 2021.2 the next planned release?

    Yes, the 2021.2 will be the next release that we hope to release soon. That means that the master branch will move to petalinux 2022.2 (the same…

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