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ADRV9002 Firmware issue

Category: Software
Product Number: adrv9002XBCZ
Software Version: Argo Navis 0.21 and Xilinx Vitis IDE version 2020.2

Hi, We are using a custom board with Zynq SoC XCZU3cg and ADRV 9002. When loading the baremetal(no-os) code via Xilinx Vitis IDE version 2020.2 ,I am getting the following error:

adrv9002_setup,965:failed with "Error occured in Firmware System Code"<65535>.

Detailed error message is attached as text document. What could be the reason for the error?

Kindly provide some insights.

[ERROR]: Error number  3 (0x00000003), Recovery action -101.In file ../noos/drivers/rf-transceiver/navassa/devices/adrv9001/public/src/adi_adrv9001_arm.c, in function adi_adrv9001_arm_CmdStatus_Wait, in line  619, variable name device.Error message ArmCmdStatusWait() failed due to thrown ARM error. Is device in correct state for calling command?.
[ERROR]: Error number  65535 (0x0000ffff), Recovery action -2.In file ../noos/drivers/rf-transceiver/navassa/devices/adrv9001/private/src/adrv9001_arm.c, in function adrv9001_ArmCmdErrorHandler, in line  2654, variable name mailboxErrCode.Error message Error occurred in Firmware System code.
[ERROR]: Error number  65535 (0x0000ffff), Recovery action -2.In file ../noos/drivers/rf-transceiver/navassa/devices/adrv9001/public/src/adi_adrv9001_cals.c, in function adi_adrv9001_cals_InitCals_Run, in line  103, variable name NULL.Error message Error occurred in Firmware System code.
adrv9002_setup, 965: failed with "Error occurred in Firmware System code" (65535)


  • Hi rathnakar,

    Since your question is about No-OS, I have moved it to the Linux Software Drivers forum.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi M Bugajski,

    Can you give me any updates regarding the issue.


  • Hi rathnakar,

    One common problem for initial calibrations issues is the presence of any signal on the receivers... Please make sure there's no signal in the RXs.

    Also, can you make sure that your SPI communication is working? You can do that by going into the IIO debugfs interface (in /sys/kernel/debug/iio/iio:device1) and running the following commands:

    root@analog:/sys/kernel/debug/iio/iio:device1# echo 0x000B > direct_reg_access
    root@analog:/sys/kernel/debug/iio/iio:device1# cat direct_reg_access

    You need to readback 0x56 from the register 0x000B. Note your device might not be "iio:device1". To find your device you can run ''iio_attr -c" and look for the line with "adrv9002-phy".

    Hope this helps!

    - Nuno Sá