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AD738x Driver and SPI Engine

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I am still trying to understand how IIO interacts with the axi-spi-engine platform driver and the ad738x SPI device driver after reading the SPI Engine overview on the Wiki.

The AD738x dual ADC driver at configures the AD738x for 1-wire mode in ad738x_probe().  For my application I would like to configure the device to read conversions in 2-wire mode, and I'm trying to understand what changes are necessary to this driver, as well as the axi-spi-engine, offload, and spi execution HDL components.

If I instead run the AD7380 in 1-wire mode, is it correct that I need to configure the axi-spi-engine, offload, and spi execution components for 1 MISO line?  I currently have them configured with 2 MISO lines.

I read here that the AD7380 driver is not written for support of the offload engine.  What needs to be added to support this? I thought that the offload engine just queues up messages for the execution engine.  Or was that thread referring to DMA offload rather than the offload HDL component?

Note: I am currently running the 5.4 linux-xlnx kernel 2020.1, and  I have enabled support for the axi-spi-engine and dmac in the kernel.  The ad738x.c driver code is from the master branch.

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