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ADI Linux Image on ZCU102+ADRV9009

Category: Software

Hi ADI community,

I want to use ZCU102 + ADRV9009 platform for my application. For that, I followed the ADI wiki instructions to download Image Linux on SD card and boot it from ZCU102.

This is my setup : 

- 32 Go SD Card

- ADI Image Linux: 2019_R1 (22 June 2020)

- ZCU102 rev 1.1 + ADRV9009.


Linux is booted correctly. But when I want to use IIO OSCILLOSCOPE, I have something like this : 

When I check iio_attr -d command, I found this : 

iio_device3 to iio:device6 are missing (axi-adrv9009-rx-hpc, axi-adrv9009-tx-hpc, adrv9009-phy, axi-adrv9009-rx-obs-hpc).

I've used this version (2019_R1) image Linux in the past and never had this issue before.

Do you have any idea where this comes from? Could be a hardware problem? 

I updated the Linux image to KUIPER Linux using the 28 July 2021 version. I booted successfully the Linux. When I check the IIO device, I find this

all IIO devices, but when I used IIO Oscilloscope, I have some errors 

I appreciate any feedback from you