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ad9361.c maximizing RX/TX RF bandwidth and setting sampling frequency from within driver files

Category: Software
Product Number: ad9361
Software Version: analogdevicesinc/linux 2019_R1


I am trying to make changes to the AD9361 driver to maximize the TX and RX rf bandwidth. I understand that the ad9361 maximum RX RF bandwidth is 56 MHz, and the maximum TX RF bandwidth is 40 MHz. I would like to set the TX and RX sampling frequencies to 61.44 MHz from within the ad9361 driver files to achieve said maximum bandwidth. I do not want to set the tx or rx clock chains/path rates from the command line as suggested by the ad9361 linux device driver wiki page below

I also do not want to set up any matlab filters, I just want to set the rx and tx sampling frequencies so they have the following clock chains and have maximum RF bandwidth.

Should I be setting the sampling frequency to 61.44 MHz from within ad9361.c (the github file path is analogdevicesinc/linux/drivers/iio/adc/ad9361.c) or should I be making changes to the device tree file (analogdevicesinc/linux/arch/arm/boot/dts/adi-fmcomms2.dtsi) ?