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FHM not getting enabled while using Linux drivers.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: adrv9009
Software Version:

Hi , I am using ADRV9009 and ZC706 FPGA. FHM Mode is not getting enabled (cat out_altvoltage0_TRX_LO_frequency_hopping_mode_enable gives 0) , even after setting out_altvoltage0_TRX_LO_frequency_hopping_mode_enable to 1 .Attaching the scripts for reference , Please let me know if anything else has to be configured  .

cd /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device3/
echo radio_off > ensm_mode
cat ensm_mode
cd /sys/kernel/debug/iio/iio:device3/
echo " fhm trigger mode set to 1(SPI), 0(GPIO) before init"
echo 0 > adi,fhm-mode-fhm-trigger-mode
cat adi,fhm-mode-fhm-trigger-mode
#echo 15 > adi,fhm-config-fhm-gpio-pin
echo 2000000000 > adi,fhm-mode-fhm-init-frequency_hz
echo 100000000 > adi,fhm-config-fhm-min-freq_mhz
echo 3000000000 > adi,fhm-config-fhm-max-freq_mhz
echo 1 > adi,fhm-mode-enable-mcs-sync
echo 1 > adi,fhm-mode-fhm-enable
echo 0  >  adi,fhm-mode-fhm-exit-mode
echo "FHM mode enable in dts before init"
cat adi,fhm-mode-fhm-enable
echo 15 > adi,fhm-config-fhm-gpio-pin
echo 1 > initialize
echo " completed FHM init"
echo " FHM trigger mode after init"
cd /sys/kernel/debug/iio/iio:device3
cat adi,fhm-mode-fhm-trigger-mode
echo "fhm enable in dts after init"
cat adi,fhm-mode-fhm-enable
cat adi,fhm-mode-fhm-init-frequency_hz
cat adi,fhm-config-fhm-min-freq_mhz
cat adi,fhm-config-fhm-max-freq_mhz
echo "MCS enable after init"
cat adi,fhm-mode-enable-mcs-sync
echo "gpio pin"
cat adi,fhm-config-fhm-gpio-pin
cd /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device3/
echo radio_on > ensm_mode
cat ensm_mode
sleep 1s
echo 1 > out_altvoltage0_TRX_LO_frequency_hopping_mode_enable
echo 1 > out_altvoltage0_TRX_LO_frequency_hopping_mode_enable
cat out_altvoltage0_TRX_LO_frequency_hopping_mode_enable