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Changing active USB gadget

Category: Software


 I'm bringing up ZedBoard using Kuiper version

Boot partition: 2021_R1 2022_08_04-07_38_53

HDL repository:
HDL branch: hdl_2021_r1
HDL git sha: 'dd3def7'

Linux repository:
Linux branch: 2021_R1
Linux git sha: '1bbe32f'

After populating the /Boot with uImage (zynq-common) and , BOOT.bin, devicetree.dtb (from zynq-zed-otg), i want to change the default USB gadget scheme from the GT_DEFAULT_SCHEME=/usr/local/etc/gt/adi/iio_acm_generic.scheme - to a different one (the 4-gadget scheme - i want the rndis for ssh access). Critically, I also need to do this without requiring a reboot - as this will lead to a poor user experience for my application and unnecessary complexity when i bootstrap the board.

I was hoping that i could just change the /etc/default/usb_gadget and reload the gt service but this doesn't work - or i can't work out the correct sequence of steps. Can you advise how i might do this?