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libiio Streaming on USRP E312

Category: Software

I am working with an USPR E312 and the OS installed from Matlab USRP Embedded communications toolbox.

The USRP E312 uses an AD9361 transceiver.

There's an OS from Ettus for UHD and there's a different one for Matlab that uses LIBIIO.

I'm trying to stream data over ethernet with python using PyAdi-iio python library and there's a problem with the python broken pipe error. I get it a lot the time when trying to run the rx() function. Not every time, sometimes I do get data, but a lot. What's the best way to stream data from the e312 to a host computer without getting tons of these errors?

Also is there any other SD card image that people would recommend? The Ettus image seems out of date and the MATLAB image doesn't have the UHD for streaming.

Maybe GNURADIO is a solution? I believe that uses LIBIIO also.

I'd appreciate help a lot. Thank you

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  • The stock firmware for the E312 shouldn't support IIO at all. Only UHD should be supported.

    A few years ago we enabled IIO on a E310 with our in-kernel Linux IIO drivers.

    I'm not aware that this work has been ported to the E312. Well at least not by us, maybe MathWorks did.

    Did you check on a Mathworks support forum yet? The broken pipe error could indicate a Network issue.

    Maybe even a  HWMAC address conflict in your local network.

     Any ideas?