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AD9371 Linux image is not booting

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9371
Software Version: 2018_r2

I am using the zc706 evaluation board along with ad9371 rf transceiver. I used the git repository 

 git clone to download the design related to ad9371 and zc706. after successfully building the project i created 
the BOOT.Bin using system.bit, zynq_fsbl.elf and u-boot.elf. Than the devicetree.dtb and finally the uimage. But when I try to boot the device using these
files the device does not boot. I have tried different combination using both files provided by analog devices and the ones created by me but none of them
worked. I tried debugging using the terminal emulator putty and got the error as shown in the screenshot. Please advise me how to move forward.