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ADIS16495 Buffer can not be enabled

Category: Software
Product Number: ADIS16495


I am using a Raspberry Pi with ADI-Kuiper Linux installed. I managed to install the driver for the ADIS16495 and I am also able to read data. Now I want to implement the buffer function of the module to get continuous data. I already set the enables in the scan_elements directory, but i am not able to enable the buffer itself. I always get following Error:

If 1 as value is invalid, what is the right value?

I also noticed that the current_triger file is emty.

Accordning to your documentation it should show something like that.

Might this be the cause of the problem?


  • Hi ,

    Indeed it looks like the current_trigger is not set.

    Could you paste here the output for iio_info command? I am curious whether the trigger is available or not.

    Could you please share the devicetree you used?

    Could you also please check that the data ready pin you are using is also the same one configured in the devicetree?

    Best Regards,